Even the best, most nutritous food isn't be enough to fuel your body's total needs. 

Turns out, your body needs good fuel (and regular maintenance)… just like your car.

And, in the same way it’s more cost effective to change the oil and do the routine maintenance on your car than it is to replace the engine, it’s cheaper to invest in better fuel now than it is to “fix” everything that goes awry later on.  Plus, the replacement engine never works as good as the first, right?

In just an hour, I'll give you some step-by-step tools that worked for me AND others, and we'll make it super-simple :-)

This is a video series AND a book.

In this short book you’ll learn that health costs something. Unhealth, always costs more. Far more.

I’ll talk you through a routine you can use every day in order to keep the best fuel in your body, providing it with the nutrients it needs. Plus, we’ll make a few observations along the way about health in general- paradigms that will equip you to make better decisions for you and your family.

Why? Because your body is far more precise and marvelous than any vehicle you’ll ever drive around (or even dream about).


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I'll show you the "core 4" supplements I take every day to optimize my health!

Let’s start here: health is super-simple.

You don’t need a PhD (you don’t even need a high school diploma) to understand this one, OK…?

Basically, all dis-ease comes from TWO issues. From one of these:

  • Toxins- things that should not be present in your body. Or, it’s something that should be present, but it gets dangerous when it’s present in too high of a quantity.  
  • Deficiencies- when your body lacks something that should be present- when something that you need to support your body’s systems isn’t present in great enough quantity. 

The greater the number each, the more our body moves towards dis-ease.  The good news = as you move HIGHER in nutrients, you actually PUSH toxins out!

Video 1: Why Take Supplements?

So, you decide you DO need supplements (everyone actually does). Where do you begin? Well... 

The gut is often referred to as the “second brain.” In fact, gut health is one of the greatest factors determining your overhaul health and well-being. 

Here are a few of the important functions of your gut (and, yes, I learned ALL o these the HARD WAY- take the short-cut and learn from my experience): 

  • Your immune system (80% of it!) is largely housed in the gut.
  • Your cardiovascular health and many of your major organs are tied to the gut.
  • Your gut’s condition determines what your body can do with the nutrients you take in- including the nutrients you ingest from food and from supplements. 

The saying “You are what you eat” is true…

I know. We eat on the go. We don’t think much about what our stomachs need- other than “feed me” and move on…

But, over 80% of your issues begin here!

Video 2: Toxins + Deficiencies & Controlling Your Health

So let me answer one of your objections (well, one that *some people have- until they get all the info)...

Some people {incorrectly} assume that good health is expensive. 

No one likes to spend $30 for an oil change every 3,000 miles- or 3 months. Over the course of a year, that’s $120 that could go towards some other (seemingly more important) budget item, right? 

But a new engine costs well over $3,000- so $30 a month isn’t so bad. The $30 you spend every 3 months instead is STILL a GREAT deal!

So what about your body? What is your health worth? 

Is it a worth a long-time hospital stay? Burning up your “vacation” days and “sick” time to actually be sick rather than being able to cash them out for a run to the beach…?

That is, is it a worth a HIGH PRICE later… or a little investment now?

Yes, health costs a little bit. But, unhealth costs far more. And dis-ease is a price that I’m no longer willing to pay.

What about you?

Video 3: Hidden Health Issues

This chart is one of the biggest reasons I add supplements to my daily regimen.

None of the food I eat is 100% nutritionally accessible for my body’s needs. Even the best organic stuff. Here’s why: 

  • The dirt your food comes from isn’t pure.
  • Our food is often picked too early- before it’s really ripe and ready to eat.
  • Our food travels from where it’s harvested to where you purchase it- the store. Or the co-op. Or the warehouse that ships it….
  • Finally, we take it to our homes. Most food loses a large percentage of its nutritional value within 8-16 hours of being picked. Since most of us don’t eat “farm to table,” our food takes weeks to travel from the farm to the warehouse to the larger warehouse to the truck to the grocery store and into our home.
  • Our food is then stored in the pantry or fridge, losing its “life” while in hibernation.
  • Finally, our food is cooked (it’s entirely possible to “cook off” the remaining nutrients)….

And, yes, we eat it- BUT, it's missing some of the vital nutrients we need. 

Video 4: Your Body is Self-Healing

When we give our bodies the nutrients they need, they automatically move towards health!... 

A few years ago I was what I refer to as “festively plump.” I wasn’t obese, but I was hitting the scales 50 pounds OVER my current weight.

Oddly enough, I actually exercised during the season of life. I could run 5-7 miles at a time. I even endured a few months of one of BeachBody’s toughest workouts, P90X. 

Despite the exercise, I found myself frustrated with my lack of results. I couldn’t lose weight. I found myself consistently avoiding the scale, and my clothes continued getting both tighter and larger.  

Full transparency- I did P90X and actually GAINED WEIGHT: my “before and after” shots looked “reverse” of the infomercials :-)

I learned firsthand that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. My steady diet of sugar-laced Starbucks drinks, 2 pastries a day, and double-portion dinners created an environment in which health couldn’t exist.

I decided to make a change. I’d just turned 40 and figured I wasn’t getting any younger, so it wasn’t going to get any easier. I began charting what I ate, I exercised a little bit each day, and the weight came off. It required consistent effort, yet in hindsight it actually seems like it was easy to do. 

I learned that eating was the biggest factor in my weight loss- not exercise.

Video 5: Your Next Best Steps

Here's a quick overview from the videos- and WHY they're important!

It's as easy as this... 

Health really is this simple…

Well, let’s be real. It’s like most things… 

It’s easier said that done, for sure :-)


With a simple formula like this:

Toxins Out + Nutrients In = Greater levels of health

And the opposite…

Toxins In + Nutrients Out = Lesser levels of health

Geez, we can ALL implement this one out every single day, right? We can ask this question when we face a meal, a potential snack… the opportunity to take the stairs vs. coast the elevator… the chance to get the required rest vs. binge Netflix… the chance to avoid stress vs. walk headfirst into it…


But give your body the nutrients it needs and you'll soar to greater levels of health!

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