Health really is simple— but we're more likely come be poisoned or toxified in our homes than outside of them.

And, manufacturers and governments regs  mitigate against health Thankfully, you can do your own research, make wise decisions, and switch unhealthy products for health alternatives. 



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In this four-part series, we'll show you how to ditch the toxins and switch to health alternatives!

And we'll equip you with the knowledge to make the shift without spending more money than you already spend each month.

Marketing peeps have gotten super-savvy. And, they don't always have your best interest-- or your health-- as their top concern. 

We'll discuss the move towards "greenwashing" (making things appear to be enviro-friendly + health-conscious, even if they're not), and what that means you need to look out for.

Plus, we'll discuss where this toxic stuff all came from and why the gov't allows it in the first place!


Beginning your ditch & switch lifestyle is easy-- for this reason...

There are seven categories of toxins with which we interact in our homes almost every day.

In the second video we discuss the first three culprits-- 

👉 Personal care products

👉 Vitamins & supplements

👉 Cleaning supplies

We'll show you what's wrong with some of the commonly used products and offer you some solutions.


In video #3 we talk about four more culprits...

👉 Negative thinking + stress (and the unhealthy ways we deal with it)

👉 Scents + smells (including candles and air fresheners!)

👉 Faux essential oils (yeah, the cheap, fake ones)

👉 Scripts + OTC meds

Ditching toxins and switching to life-giving alternatives is essential if we want our bodies to function like they’re designed (Part 2). Thankfully, there are some incredible clues as to which products do what, so we can quickly chop through the clutter!

Finally, we talk turkey...

You can financially afford to ditch un-health make the switch to health— you’re ready spending the money, anyway. Moving from un-health to health is simply a matter of re-directing some of the dollars you’re already spending. This book provides you with a few easy steps to make the transition, even providing you with a checklist and a bonus scavenger hunt you can perform in your own home (Part 3).


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This video course (4 videos, approx 15 minutes each) is based on our book, Ditch & Switch.

With dozens of graphics and easy-to-understand language, this quick-read provides you with great access to the information you need to live well!

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