The urinary system is comprised of the bladder and the kidneys. It does so much more than just "filter," however. This system communicates with all of your body, affecting your breathing and more.

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Your body is designed to work perfectly. Sure, it doesn’t always perform that way, but that’s how it was created.

Dr. Jim Bob empowers you to understand the body's filtration system with 5 videos, 25 minutes approximate run time

The urinary system is comprised of the bladder and the kidneys.

In video 1, Dr. Jim Bob talks about the unique type of cells which comprise the bladder, and he discusses the complicated filtration system of the kidneys.  Then, he moves further to outline the complexity of the kidneys.

The urinary system is responsible five main functions:

✅ Detoxing the body

✅ Blood fluid volume

✅ pH balance

✅ Blood pressure control

✅ Mineral balance

After outlining each of these, Dr. Jim Bob explains how the kidneys communicate to the lungs.

As is the case with any body system, the urinary system creates “symptoms” to draw out attention towards it. When this happens, as JB says, you don’t have to “know the words” or “be able to diagnosis” yourself. Rather, the information empowers you to know which system to support.

Whether you’re dealing with…

👉 UTI (Urinary tract infection)

👉 High blood pressure

👉 Dehydration

👉 Diabetes

… you’ll know NOT too look for a “quick fix,” but to—rather— investigate the bigger concerns you’re body is highlighting for you.

In video 4, Dr. Jim Bob outlines some of the now familiar lifestyle tips:

⭐️ hydration

⭐️ fruits & veggies

⭐️ proteins

He reminds us that, in this area, it’s important to “take advantage of all the free stuff” we have access too. That is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to walk in health + wellness.

In the final video of this course, Dr. Jim Bob outlines the best supplements to take for urinary system support—

✅ K&B Tincture (read: Kidney & Bladder)

✅ NingXia Red (this appears for multiple body system, so it’s a great investment!)

In addition, he outlines the importance of Aloe Vera and Colloidal Silver, as well as two categories of essential oils:

⭐️ Citrus oils

⭐️ Emotional support oils


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